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Drunk Man on Horse Arrested after Police Chase

Posted by the Charleston, SC DUI Defense Lawyers at Anderson & Schuster, Attorneys at Law, LLC. A man who was under the influence of alcohol while riding a horse led police on a half-four chase in a northeast Florida town. Charles Cowart, 29, was arrested Monday afternoon about 60 miles south of Jacksonville. (Video Below) A police officer was responding…read more →

DUI Charge for SC School Bus Driver

Posted by the Charleston DUI Lawyers at Anderson & Schuster, Attorneys at Law, LLC. A school bus driver in Richland County, SC was arrested for drunk driving (DUI) and child endangerment last Friday. The South Carolina Highway Patrol reports she was arrested for DUI after wrecking the school bus she used for transporting students to and from school by running…read more →

Woman Charged With DUI After Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Posted by the Charleston DUI Lawyers at Anderson & Schuster, Attorneys at Law, LLC A woman charged with operating a vehicle under the influence told police that she drank half a bottle of hand sanitizer.  The woman was pulled over after police saw her speed around a corner and spin out of control.  The police reported smelling alcohol on the…read more →

Falcons RB Michael Turner Arrested for DUI – Apologizes to Fans

Michael Turner, running back for the Atlanta Falcons, was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and speeding. Just hours after Turner rushed 42 yards and scored a touchdown for a 27-21 victory over the Broncos on Monday Night Football he was pulled over by police for allegedly going 97 mph in a 65 mph zone. Officers suspected…read more →

DUI Enforcement Increased in Charleston and Across South Carolina

South Carolina law enforcement agencies, including those who patrol the Charleston areas, wrapped up the 100 Deadly Days of Summer travel safety campaign with an increased DUI enforcement effort that started Friday and ended today. The DUI and traffic enforcement campaign was aimed at curbing traffic fatalities caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI).   The South…read more →

Sheriff Deputy Charged with DUI on Golf Cart

The SC Highway Patrol has arrested a South Carolina Deputy Sheriff for allegedly driving a golf cart while under the influence of alcohol. The South Carolina Highway Patrol says Robert Shorter, a deputy with the Saluda County Sheriff's Department, was pulled over while driving the golf cart in Edgefield County.  The DUI arrest happened around 12:30 Saturday morning. Shorter has been…read more →

Crocs Founder Blames DUI on Taylor Swift

George Boedecker, founer of Crocs shoes, was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after he was allegedly found unconscious in his Porsche.  When police confronted Boedecker, he said that he wasn't the one driving the car.  Instead he said that his "girlfriend" was driving.  He later told police that his girlfriend was pop star Taylor Swift who, according to…read more →

What Happens During a DUI Stop? (Part III, the Walk and Turn Test)

In parts one and two of this series on the South Carolina DUI investigation process we discussed the initial DUI traffic stop and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) standard field sobriety test. The next test likely administered by a police officer during his DUI investigation is the Walk and Turn Test.   In this installment we'll discuss what the Walk and…read more →